Best Exotic Travel Destinations For Couples

Best Exotic Travel Destinations For Couples

Who doesn’t like to travel?
Who wouldn’t dream of a getaway from the busy life and happily bathe under the sun or go on a mission with their life partner?
If the answer is yes, it means you need a vacation. You need to get away from the busy city life and indulge in some natural scenic pleasures of the world.
Relationship goals should be to visit every romantic destination holding hand with your partner. Check out our top 8 destinations and pack your bags to explore them.

1. Cancun

Cancun in Mexico is an ideal location where you should want to lay on the beach and let the sun soak up your worries while you bathe in the fresh heat and breathe in the cool, beachy breeze. Cancun offers you breathtaking natural settings, which range from the ruins of the Mayan Civilizations at Tulum to the beach strip, which is a driveway having beaches on both left and right hands. Moreover, Cancun is also a perfect party destination with late night clubbing and dancing at places like Daddy O. It also has many malls and designer shops where you can shop your heart out for yourself or your loved ones. The Xcaret ecological park takes you on a swim with dolphins and dance around with the most loved sea creatures.

2. Bora Bora

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora offers you romantic over the water villas, with decks and living space. These huts are constructed on water, therefore, you are literally living on water. The best thing available at Bora Bora includes the spas and the soothing massages. There are many unisex massage centers also built where you and your partner (if not of the same gender as you) can avail a massage which will wipe off your worries and stress and make you feel fantastic. At Bora Bora, one can also find villas which have glass floors, this allows you to look at the marine life under your villa.

3. The Boatshed Hotel

Boatshed is a romantic getaway you can find in Auckland, New Zealand. Boatshed is a small island, where you can enjoy especially at night. If you manage to get a Lighthouse suite, you can see amazing oceanic views. Moreover, lie on your back with your partner and count away the shining bright stars of the night. This gives you a very different feel of the peace and gives you a different yet unique feel of the place. The Boatshed is a small island therefore its calm, peaceful and serene environment lets you enjoy the beauty around you and breathe in fresh non stressed air.

4. Venice

The lovers spot cannot be eliminated from the lovers main list. Venice, is a perfect example of an exotic ideal location which you must visit with your partner. Constructed on water and riding in gondolas is no less than an experience. Plus if you are a Shakespeare fanatic you will be better able to absorb the beauty of the place. Beautiful Italian structures, artifacts, statues of Jesus should definitely be explored in Venice. Having a candlelight dinner of exquisitely made and delicious Italian dishes is just the cherry on the cake for this beautiful place. After dinner, one can stroll around Piazza San Marco and enjoy the beautifully lit city’s night offering. This definitely is the ideal couple getaway.

5. Las Vegas

How can Las Vegas and the shinning bright city life not be a travel destination.
Las Vegas has a lot to offer other than just the casinos. Even though the casinos are also one of the major reasons to include this place on this glamorous ideal locations place. At Vegas you shall find shoppers paradise. All the world’s leading brands are available at Vegas in the designer malls. Moreover, the nightlife of Vegas cannot be missed. The clubbing, bars and dance floors of Vegas are raved about all over the world. Also if you want some adventure in this trip, take a car and drive up to the Grand Canyon. This huge rocky mountain which is accessible from all 4 sides gives a different view from each place. Going to Vegas and not going to Grand Canyon it's a big mistake. If both of you know how to drive you can split the drive so that you and your partner enjoy this raved place.

6. Maldives

Perfect white sand, blue water, fresh tropical fruits, spas, massages, zoo tours!
Think of everything an island can offer you and you shall get it in Maldives. These small tiny islands are packed with grand things. They offer you so much to do that you will always be short of time in enjoying and fully taking in the beauty of this place. The Mulee-aage Palace is a perfect example of world class architecture, art and history and romance. The well-constructed, secret pathways of the Palace, excite every visitor leaving them in awe of the place. Also going snorkeling in the seas of Maldives and coming up close with the aquatic beauties is the best thing you can do with your partner. Nothing is more romantic than holding hands and seeing these aquatic beauties.

7. Tuscany

Tuscany is a small place in Italy that is worth going to with your romantic partner. At Tuscany you will find great pieces of Italian architecture. These are not boring buildings, but buildings that were constructed in the 16th and 17th century and are still strong and held in place. These artistically built buildings having great architecture in the form of statues, paintings and other features make it a great sight to see. Not only buildings, but even the churches of Tuscany are a great sight to see. Having huge statues of religious figures are not a great sight but even informative. If you go further inland into the city, you come across hillside, along these hillsides you shall find olive trees. Eating freshly plucked olives and feeding your partner can be a fun activity. The winding streets of Tuscany, the bridge of Ponte Vecchio this old bridge will set off all the right places in your body and force you to kiss away each other’s pain.

8. British Columbia, Canada

This place though in Canada, having a tricky weather is still one of the best destinations in the world. British Columbia is located across the Western area of Canada. Here you can do a lot more than just sitting on the beach. Stanley Park is a different kind of place, as it has a park alongside a scenic seawall which is a great sight to see. You must also visit together the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This bridge is constructed between the trees and rocky hills with water sprawling across it. Standing here and listening to the water fall is the most romantic song you can ever hear. The botanical gardens of BC named Butchart Gardens have various exhibitions and events happening. Watching flowers and orchids hand in hand is very romantic. After a tired day of roaming around, indulge in some night light of clubbing and dancing away with your partner while drowning yourself in beer.

These are just a few main romantic locations that should be your getaway with your better half. Relationships goals should be to visit each of these places with them and tick mark them off your list. When you are in love and you travel the experience is more enriching and worthwhile.

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