Creative and romantic marriage proposal ideas.

The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your lives (no pressure!), so make sure that it’s an event to talk about and read our top marriage proposal ideas.

Do it the old fashioned way

One of the most beautiful marriage proposal ideas is to do it the old fashioned way. Well, few people do it today, that it will actually make a talking point, if you ask her father for his daughter’s hand in marriage and then, announce your plans at a family gathering. It might sound a bit cheesy, but sometimes the old ways are the best.

A sweet proposal

Take her to your favorite restaurant, having already arranged with the waiter that when the deserts are brought out, one of them will be an engagement ring in a box. There can be no sweeter way to propose than this.

A cute way to propose

If your girl likes pets, then one of the cutest marriage proposal ideas would be to buy her a cute kitten or bunny and tie the ring around its neck with a ribbon or, for a less high maintenance option, a stuffed cuddly toy will do!

Do it online

Make a video proposal and upload it to YouTube. Then tell her you have found a hilarious clip that she must see or email her the link at work.

Message in a bottle

If you’re going to the beach, write a poem and place it in a bottle, which you can then hide in the sand near where you know you are going to sit. Find the bottle, read the poem and give her the ring. Just be sure to hide the bottle well above the high tide mark and somewhere that you can find it!

Write it in the wind (screen)

Get up early on a winters morning and scratch the magic words on the windscreen of her car or even better, if it’s been snowing, get out there and write it in the snow, so she sees it when she opens the drapes.

Serenade her with your proposal

If you are good at singing, here is one of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas you can do: go out to a karaoke bar and sing her favorite love song for her, and finish on one knee with your request for her hand in marriage.

Score with your proposal

If you like sports, you can get your proposal displayed on the scoreboard at your favorite event. Take the ring with you and let thousands of people be witnesses to your engagement.

Write a glow-in-the-dark proposal

Get some glow-in-the dark stickers, the ones that don’t show up in the light, and spell out your proposal on the bedroom ceiling. When you turn out the lights to go to sleep, shell get the message.

Advertise your love on the big screen

Another one of the creative and romantic marriage proposal ideas is this: talk to the manager at your local movie theatre and see if you can rent some advertising space before the movie starts. You can prepare your message with standard computer graphics software and declare your love on the big screen. Just make sure that it’s a movie that you really want to see, otherwise you might be going straight home after your ad appears.

An accessory she’ll never forget

If your girlfriend always goes to her jewelry box in the morning, then here is one of the cutest marriage proposal ideas you can use: secretly replace her favorite ring with an engagement ring, that’ll give her an early morning surprise.

Say it With Flowers

Present your loved one with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and place the ring in the centre!

Use Your Surroundings

On a snowy day, why not head outside early to write out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ in the snow? Or if you’re at the beach, write it out in the sand. You could even present the ring in a shell

In a Book

If your other half loves to read, why not put a note in their current book for them to find?

Photo Album

Show off your creative side by creating a photo album of your life together so far – it can include special occasions and holidays – and hand it to your partner. Leave a section blank at the end titled ‘The Wedding’. Make sure to be down on one knee.

Fridge Magnets

If you have young children in your house (or you’re just young at heart), your fridge might be covered with alphabet fridge magnets. Make the most of them and spell out a proposal message – and make sure there’s bubbly chilling inside the fridge.

Recreate Your First Date

This idea will appear to the super romantic amongst you – go back to the place where you had your first date (or first kiss etc.) and recreate the romance!

Use a Mug

If your future spouse is a tea addict, propose using a mug! Just make sure they finish their hot drink so they message at the bottom of the mug is revealed.

A Balloon Surprise

If you’re away from your partner and want to propose to them, why not send them a balloon? As they open the parcel, the balloon will float upwards and reveal your message.

Write it Down

If the idea of saying ‘Will you marry me’ makes you mouth dry up a bit with nerves, why not write it down? You can fill notebook with all the reasons you want to marry your partner and not worry about saying anything wrong or missing anything out.

The Double-Cross

This one is great to fool those girls who are always on the lookout, especially when the time is near. To really surprise her, feed a little bit of misinformation to her; ask a friend to “slip up” and reveal a fake proposal location, time, or idea. That way, when you propose the real way, she’ll be completely surprised!

Do it before the year ends

Pull them aside on New Year's Eve and tell them there's one last thing that you need to do before the year ends. Pull out the ring, ask your big question, and celebrate with fireworks and champagne.

Keep it personal

Fill your house or apartment with pictures and memories of your relationship. Be waiting in the middle of it all with a ring when they get home from work.

Do you have some more romantic and creative marriage proposal ideas? Feel free to share them in the comment section below. :)

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