The Best Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Partner

No man and woman is an island, and as a human being, you deserve companionship, from friends, pets, family, and partners such as lovers and spouses. Occasionally, it is necessary to appreciate people who have your back through the good and the bad times. In an online study, 89% of the people polled admit to feeling better when their partner presents them with a gift, either for special days or just for the sake of giving out of love.
Gifting is a sign of showing gratitude, and as the years catch up, it also feels better to give rather than to receive. Gifting indicates that you took the time out to think of your partner and you made an effort to surprise them. A gift does not have to cost an arm and a leg, but you can do more than just present material gifts, spending time with your partner makes far better memories.
The best way to show that you love and appreciate your partner is to have the gift be as personal to both of you as possible. Here are gift ideas that will strengthen the bond in your relationship.


DIY Gifts

Most people think the best ideas are the traditional gifts from a store. DIY gifts, on the other hand, are the best and most affordable way to express appreciation and love to your partner. It demonstrates that you dedicated the time to make the gift, which speaks volumes on how much you value and love your partner.

Here are examples of DIY gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, special events, or just when you feel like it.


His and Her Mugs

These show not only love but also functionality. Consider making mugs complete with a relevant and personal text written on each mug. The text can range from jokes only your partner can understand to cute nicknames you have for each other, et al. They are sure to feel appreciated, and more in love whenever they use the mug.


Morning Message

Everyone needs a great start to a day to make his or her special day lovely and full of life. No matter the occasion, sneak to your partner’s car and leave the gift on the driver’s seat. The ideas are diverse but one can opt to leave their partner’s favorite snack, a joke book, love letter, even if it is from the internet, it is still a meaningful gift.


Pre-Planned Dates

Make the romance lasts all year by ensuring to pre-plan for romantic date nights at least once every month specifically for you and your partner. You can settle on any of your favorite restaurants, spas, hiking trails, and camping sites, et al.
Ensure to have the first date on your anniversary and keep to the dates until you get to your next anniversary.


Fight Jar

Whenever the relationship is going through tabulations, it is easy to focus on the bad and negative emotions disregarding the beautiful times you have had together. Write little notes on colored papers of the memories you both share. Ideas include a line from a song or movie you both love, the awkward times when you first time met, the things that make them laugh, feel sentimental, et al.
Fill a jar with these memories and decorate it to suit both your styles. Explain to your partner that for every argument, or a day of feeling down and sad, your partner can pick any of the memories as a reminder of the love you both share.


Gift Basket

Stick to the tradition and offer to your partner a gift basket, but give it a twist. Fill it with your partner’s favorite wine or alcohol, pastries, love notes, flowers; a cute picture of both of you from the past, et al. the list is endless.
Rather than having the gift basket delivered by some delivery person, present it yourself at your partner’s place of work or wait until they get home to give it to him or her.

DIY gifts do not necessarily mean you break the bank, but the time taken to make the gift counts as a romantic gift that will last for a long time. However, as the relationship matures, the spontaneity that helped cement the relationship starts to become less romantic and exciting. At this point in the relationship, finding the right gift becomes a chore. This leads to frantic efforts at the last minute to get a gift just for the sake of giving without love.


Long-Term Relationship Gift Ideas

Here are gifts ideas for him and her to make bring back the spark.
Getting a gift for her or a gift for him does not need to be a hassle. Here are gift ideas to lighten up your partner’s day and cement your love.


What are the things he or she loves doing to relax after a long work week? After progressive conversations, you will get to learn about the things your partner holds dear. You can get him or her, the equipment they need to pursue a hobby, a book on the hobbies, a voucher to a store that stocks items necessary for his or her hobbies, et al.
Age: - Do not expect your partner to appreciate the gift a 20-year-old would love when they are in their 30s or much older. Consider your partner's age is and pick a gift that will make them feel content to be as old as they are. This can include books, personalized items, household items such as wine rack or lamp, and anything else they cannot buy for themselves.



Through observation, it is easy to tell what your partner likes best. Get him or her a t-shirt, cap, costume, phone cover, et al. from his or her favorite shows on TV or movie. Maybe they are into jogging, going to the gym, and exercising at home, get your partner a personalized water bottle, a yoga mat, et al. The trick is to be keen on the things your partner loves doing involuntary, also through listening.


Pursue Your Passion

As responsibilities mount on the relationship, most people are in a rush to get into jobs, so that will pay enough to settle the bills and live comfortably; this erodes true personality over time. One of the best presents for your partner is to pursue your passion. This way you share and reveal more about who you are with her, which prompts her to be true to him or herself.


Learn Your Partners Love Language

Love is the grandest gift of all, with everybody yearning to feel loved by their partners. A challenge that most people face is being ignorant to their partner’s language of love. To some love is the physical display of affection, while for others it is all about doing the little things that matter to them. By knowing how your partner show love, both of you will make it easier to create relationship goals and stick to them.
The love language is evident through the word of affection your partner uses, their choice of spending quality time with you, acts of service, physical touch, and so much more. Learning this language that is unique to your partner will strengthen communication and be more effective in touching the heart as well as emotions of your partner.


In the end, the time that you spent with your partner will count more than the expensive gifts exchanged. By prioritizing on the spending quality time together, relationship experts and counselors say, they have better relationships with higher chances of staying together for a long time.

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